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A little about me

on June 18, 2014

So, folks who’ve known me for a long time know that it’s been a long-time ambition of mine to be a writer.  This blog is about my efforts and life and work because I can’t extricate those things from each other.

I’m originally from several tiny places in Tennessee.  I was born in Sewanee, I lived in Decherd as a young child, and after that we moved to a farm in Normandy.  My graduating class had fewer than 40 people in it.  After that I went to college at Sewanee (also small but huge to me) followed by a move to Boston, where I took an M.Ed. at U. Mass (finally, someplace  BIG!).  And now I live and raise a family in Los Alamos, NM (back to small).

I guess everybody’s life looks neat and compartmentalized when you try to limit it to a paragraph.

I have about a million hobbies that I rotate through from time to time.  Sometimes I’m not writing because I’m too busy knitting a sleeve on a sweater! 

The big adventure this summer is the long-awaited addition to our house in Los Alamos.  We’ve spent the past few weeks getting a new roof put on, and now I’m getting the soffits and fascia replaced.  Since in some places I’m expecting they’ll find whole colonies of birds living in there, this is a long overdue project.

The other big adventure is that I’m going to a writer’s conference, my very first one, in Jackson, Wyoming this summer.  And I’m going to meet….Sarah Bird! 

I know! 

I had to send in my sample for critiques (I’m getting a total of four and can’t wait) about a month ago and guess what, I’ve already changed the beginning.  At least I haven’t cut out the part I sent.  Anyway, she wrote the book I think is the first New Adult book I ever read, Alamo House.  Also, a book I recently read called The Gap Year, which had gorgeous imagery and made me question what goals we should really have for our kids as grownups.

All right.  Nice to meet all of you, looking forward to sharing my adventures!



2 responses to “A little about me

  1. Great start. Welcome to WordPress!

  2. Jeyna Grace says:

    Happy writing and all the best!

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