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Hi, everybody!

I’ve been writing and editing and thinking (and also getting dragged down by current events, but we won’t get into that right now). I have many irons in the fire!

One of those irons is my book on the Polish Girl Scouts, which gets closer to completion every week. I’m writing about that process and some of the research that is unlikely to make it into the book but is still interesting, and you can read it at projectdiamonds.com.

I also continue to write teen fiction though I have shelved the book I’ve been working on. I don’t know, maybe it will end up as a historical romance about the 1980s.


Anyway, I have an identity for that material and I’ve been writing about a trip I took with my mom to Scotland and Norway. I’m hoping to finish up that series so I can turn my attention to other (funny) things that happen every day. And you can see that on probablyunrelated.com.

Watch out for weekly updates to both blogs, and the occasional post here where I talk about weird things. Maybe I’ll relaunch this site? I’m not sure; I’ve had some good discussions here and in many places out in the “real world.” I might use this for a fantasy series I have in mind…

Well, I have the characters in mind.

I always thought I was a character-driven writer, but after some reflection, I’ve realized that I’m really plot-driven. I know the story before I know the people it’s going to happen to. In the case of the fantasy book, the characters came first. On the outside, they’re ordinary women, raising kids and gardens and running a home and building a marriage.

One is a witch (though I’m not sure what kind yet). One’s a former weapons expert for a shadowy government agency. One is psychic. And the new girl in the neighborhood? She’s the most powerful one of all.

See what I mean? I know it sounds a bit Charlie’s Angels-ish. I can see all four of these women and I know how they meet and who they are. I know the neighborhood. Bringing them together suggests a kind of shadow warfare. Solving crimes? They could all be Jessica Fletcher?

Or maybe they take over the local deli and make the best sandwiches ever…

Anyway, watch this space. I have never worked this way before (though seriously, I always thought I did!) and I have no idea where it’s going or what’s going to happen.


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